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The Vernal area is home to a rich diversity of faiths that reflects the spirituality of its population. With many services available, just about anyone can find peace and comfort in one of our many houses of worship.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Temple is the largest religious symbol in the community, serving a regional area reaching from eastern Utah to western Colorado. It is the spiritual center for the large LDS population in the area. Architecturally it incorporates the elements of Roman and Georgian styles. This temple brings local LDS worshippers and international missionaries together. Programs affiliated with the LDS church include a seminary and many other community outreach programs.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church formed one of the first non-LDS congregations in Vernal and meets in a historical building that dates from the 1800s. The adjacent parish house was the location of the first hospital in Uintah County. St. James, the Catholic parish, averages about 250 members and among many other regular activities hosts an annual spaghetti dinner and the St. James Winter Games.

Kingsbury Community Church provides worship for a wide variety of denominations, including Methodists, Lutherans and Presbyterians. This United Church of Christ church represents a growing trend in American worship - the bringing together of many different denominations into one house of worship to provide fellowship, understanding and community within the congregation. Many other denominations are present in the Vernal area. Our Savior Lutheran Church has an active youth group and a strong membership. The Vernal Christian Church houses the Uintah Christian Academy. Bethel Chapel, affiliated with the Church of Christ, has an active presence in the area, as do the Assemblies of God, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses and several other non-denominational congregations. Among many programs and community involvement projects, a recent Christian Concert series was initiated.

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