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Welcome To Vernal
Nestled in the Ashley Valley, where dinosaurs once roamed, is a community that has the good life of a small town atmosphere, strong values and a growing economy. Only 170 miles from the lights of Salt Lake City, along Highway 40, the Ashley Valley lies within a diverse landscape of mountains, alpine meadows and high desert scenery. The valley is rich in both history and opportunity. This is the Vernal area and we welcome you.

Northeastern Utah consists of a variety of landscapes, providing outdoor activities and recreation for all that wish to partake. Breathtaking panoramas and indescribable sunsets are only part of the unique picture that is painted in Uintah County. A well-planned economic environment brings businesses together with customers. Organizations like the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce assist local industry and business to create a level of resources usually found only in more populated communities.

Year-round recreational programs and activities keep residents here to enjoy living in a less congested, community-oriented rural area. The Ashley Valley is a good place to stay and raise a family, make one's way through a long day, and enjoy the enriching community of the Vernal area. Strong cultural and historical traditions give residents and visitors alike a view into a deep-rooted story, with an ending discovered when you first set foot in Uintah County.

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