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With cliffs, high desert, sagebrush, mountain peaks, and rich valleys there is no other place we can think of that offers such diverse scenic beauty in one location. We offer the visual beauty of one of mother nature's masterpieces combined with the forward-looking vision of a progressive community. While the summer months provide traditional southwestern temperatures, Vernal's location in the valley provides an almost humidity-free season. Winter typically brings snow, wrapping the valley in a white sheet that heralds the holiday spirit. Split Mountain and Diamond Mountain dominate the nearby horizon, and when covered with springtime green, provide a spectacular visual experience.

Vernal is the county seat of Uintah County and is 170 miles east of Salt Lake City and 330 miles west of Denver, Colorado. Vernal is the home of the Utah Field House of Natural History Museum State Park that attracts travelers from all over the world to visit its many attractions, including Dinosaur Gardens. Dinosaur National Monument, a scientific work in progress has fossils still embedded in the rock and is an active paeleological site. You and your family will discover and re-discover the wondrous world these creatures once lived in millions of years ago.

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