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A vast array of homes exist in the Ashley Valley, with price ranges that fit every budget. With valuations up steadily since the 1980s, averaging 2.5% per year, homes and real estate in the Vernal area are true investments. The 3 bedroom, 2-bath homes that make up the majority of residences are reasonably priced. With more than 200 residential listings available, chances are good that you are going to find the home of your dreams right here in Uintah County. People are moving to Vernal and liking it so much that most feel they have found their own piece of the great American dream.

The rural nature of the Vernal area means that there are plenty of options away from the busy town life among the natural wonders that surround us. Economic development in these areas has meant an influx of new jobs and creative innovation. Residential infrastructure is an important consideration for new residents, and with our growing medical facilities, fire protection and police departments, as well as a new water treatment plant, we hope to make a statement that says clearly that we're on the right track.

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