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The best communities take great pride in their schools, and with good reason. The Vernal area is no exception. School leaders have implemented forward-thinking policies that provide traditionally strong educational resources and a positive future.

Elementary schools in Uintah County (Ashley, Davis, Discovery, Maeser, Naples, and Todd), Vernal Middle School, West and Vernal Junior High furnish a solid base for elementary education, while Uintah High School and Ashley Valley Educational Center prepare students for secondary education or trade careers. The Utah State University branch campus located in Vernal offers a wide range of degrees, including Business, Liberal Arts and studies in the sciences. Educational resources and references are available through the vast USU library collection. High school seniors are able to attend USU classes through concurrent enrollment and start working early on requirements for their college education. The USU Horizons program is bringing the community adult education classes in sign language, computers and internet basics and genealogy.

Extension programs offered through Utah State University provide social, agricultural and youth services to Uintah County residents on a regular basis. Instruction on a wide variety of subjects is available for community groups many at little or no charge. Having the expertise of a full university is a tremendous resource and you are welcome to use it to its fullest. The Uintah County Extension office is conveniently located in Vernal, and regional offices are located in each county in Utah.

Uintah Basin Applied Technology Center, a proud member of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce, offers vocational programs including the Police Academy, an LPN program, Business/Computer Technology, Multi-media, Agriculture, Automobile, Diesel Mechanic and many more.===UBATC's primary goal is to provide technology education and skills training, and encourage individual and employer growth. The only way for this goal to be accomplished is to be of service to the businesses and the community in the area. The sole mission of UBATC, since its inception in 1967, has been to prepare high school students, adult students, displaced workers and unemployed individuals for employment in entry-level skilled or semi-skilled jobs, and supplement on-the-job training, leading to higher proficiency or placement in skilled craft jobs. The center has experienced growth of nearly 10% each of the past four years.

UBATC is linked with four other applied technology centers and four service regions around the state, under the direction of the Utah State Board of Education. The center also provides Custom Fit programs to assist businesses and their employees. In a recent year the Custom Fit program provided more than $250,000 worth of training to more than 60 local companies.

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