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Business growth in the Vernal area has been a successful building of infrastructure and community. Our business leaders point to trade, mineral development, manufacturing, construction and tourism as strong areas in recent years. All agree the Vernal area is one that excels at providing an excellent climate in which to do business.

Uintah County is the place to do business, and our commitment to strong programs like Workforce Training, Enterprise Zone State Tax Credits, Commercial Area Development, Technical Assistance, and Loan and Grant Incentives remain steadfast. These programs demonstrate our unwavering commitment to attracting new businesses to our area, as well as keeping and nurturing those that already call the Vernal area home. The Small Business Development Center is a valuable resource for new businesses and also offers planning assistance to established businesses. We like to think that our local community does some of the best business in town, and the SBDC helps in keeping our local constituency on track.

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