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Dependable Care at a Respected Medical Facility
Patients Feel Comfortable and Confident With the Health Care
They Receive from Murray-Calloway County Hospital.

For Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH), taking health care new places means growth. In 2003, MCCH added seven new physicians to the staff; added several new outpatient services, including a new MRI suite; and is in the process of looking at an expansion project.

Murray Calloway County Hospital is a public, nonprofit community hospital located in Murray on Poplar Street. There are 67 physicians representing approximately 28 specialties. MCCH employs nearly 1,100 people and has 105 acute care beds and 226 long-term care beds.

MCCH began as the 65-bed William Mason Memorial Hospital, which was established in 1910 and served the community until 1947. At that time, Murray Hospital Association Inc. purchased Mason Hospital and changed the name to Murray Hospital. This name changed to Murray Calloway County Hospital in April 1964 when the present facility opened.

The hospital provides a full-service outpatient pharmacy, a home medical equipment service, an in-house blood bank, the Wellness Center, the Cancer Center, the Child Care Center, the Center for Sleep Studies, the Center for Wound Management, the Diabetes Center, the Community Healthcare Foundation and an active volunteer service program, along with numerous monthly community education programs.

MCCH prides itself in providing quality care to its patients and has been consistently recognized for this through patient surveys. MCCH is a member of Press Ganey, the leader in providing health care satis faction measurement and improvement, and ranks above the average for Press Ganey reporting hospitals in guest satisfaction.

Part of that guest satisfaction is attributed to outstanding physicians as well as the latest in diagnostic and treatment technology. With the purchase of the stationary MRI, MCCH acquired the Cardiac MRI software package.

"Cardiac MRI is used to specifically diagnose specific heart problems," says Kwabena Agyman, M.D. "This same type of technology is being offered at world-class facilities across the country."

The Center for Diabetes at MCCH is the only center in the region that has two Certified Diabetes Educators on staff, one who is a Registered Dietitian and one who is a Registered Nurse. "At the Center for Diabetes, our mission is to help patients with diabetes learn more about their disease," says Tara Shelton, Diabetes Educator. "Our program is also recognized by the American Diabetes Association, which assures we are offering high-quality education for our patients." The Center for Diabetes offers many programs to help those with diabetes as well as their families, including monthly Diabetes Self-Management Classes, Shopping Smart for Diabetes, insulin pump initiation, nail debriement (trimmings) and Continuous Glucose Monitoring system.

A new physician on the MCCH staff is Dr. Jirgis Shah, who specializes in pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and sleep medicine. Dr. Shah began practicing in October 2003 and is excited to be in the Murray community. Dr. Shah is a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Shah's practice, The Four Rivers Lung and Sleep Clinic, is located in the Medical Arts Building on 8th Street in Murray. "I will be working closely with the hospital's Center for Sleep Studies and look forward to serving the people of this region," states Shah.

The Center for Sleep Studies addresses "problem sleepiness," sleepiness that interferes with daily routines and activities or reduces the ability to function. Problem sleepiness occurs when patients don't get enough sleep because of primary sleep disorders (such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome or narcolepsy), other medical conditions (such as chronic bronchitis or congestive heart failure) or lifestyle factors (such as shift work).

Sleep studies conducted at the Center provide doctors with information about how patients breathe and sleep, which enables doctors to determine the type and severity of sleep disorders as well as treatment options.

To schedule an appointment at the MCCH Center for Sleep Studies, call (270) 767-0286.

The Center for Wound Management is providing the newest in wound care under the direction of a qualified team consisting of physicians, certified wound specialists, a certified manual lymph drainage therapist, physical therapists and assistants, and dietitians. The staff will work closely with the patient's physician to tailor a plan of care. This plan will be a treatment program based on the patient's special needs. The program will include regular visits to the Center for Wound Management to provide treatment, evaluate progress and make any changes that might be needed.

To make an appointment for a consultation, contact the Center for Wound Management at (270) 762-1547
and begin your healing process now.