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Spiritual Fellowship
Olney's worship opportunities are many and varied, with a strong Christian base.

The sense of fellowship that results from having many active churches in the community is part of what makes Olney such a rewarding place to live and to raise a family. This spiritual influence goes far beyond the needs of individual residents, affecting the entire population and raising the quality of life in the area for everyone.

Many faiths are represented in the community, including Catholic, Methodist, Christian, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Baptist, Evangelical, Lutheran, Free Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Bible Fellowship, Mormon and Church of the Nazarene. Nearly every style of worship, from contemporary to liturgical, is also represented, ensuring that residents both new and old will be able to find the type of worship that is best suited to their personal spiritual expression.

Within these churches also exist many programs aimed toward families, children and teenagers, and the churches work together to support local chapters of national programs like Good Samaritan, Birthright and SWAN. For several years, groups of churches have cooperated with Vacation Bible School. These cooperative and supportive bonds guarantee a stronger and more caring environment for all Olney residents, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

The Richland County Ministerial Association is proud that the spiritual community in Olney maintains a close and interactive relationship with the community as a whole. This group of ministers gathers monthly to create and foster a spirit of friendliness, support and fellowship among the clergy. They create a spirit of unity among the churches of Richland County with one goal in mind responsibility before the proper officials and organizations of the county, as well as before the people of the county. The Ministerial Association truly unites the community as Christians through worship and service to each other and the community.

Some of the activities of the group involve scheduled worship services each year, including Thanksgiving Service, a congregation/pulpit exchange during the January Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a Good Friday service, observance of the National Day of Prayer in May, and a baccalaureate service for the high school. Members of the Ministerial Association also serve the community by serving as chaplains at Richland Memorial Hospital weekly and on call as needed. They provide the opening prayer for each city council meeting and have, along with the community, sponsored religious concerts.

The job description of the Ministerial Association is rather broad and wide and is only limited by the number and energy of the members. Their spirit is evident and inviting. Their presence is visible. Their cause is a spiritual force within the community.