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General Points of Interest

Antiques & Horse Training, Neil Herschberger Jr.
Auf Den Laude, Comfort Food Dining, Quilt & Gift Shop
Bakery & Bulk Foods, Anna Yoder, Fri. & Sat. (summer only)
Bicycle Trail
Bicycle Trail
Boulevard Bakery, Marvin Yoder
Buggy Shop, Eddie Stutzman
Candy Kitchen, Crafts & Nursery Stock
Carpenter Work & Custom-Built Cabinets, Henry Mast
City Hall
City Park
City Park Campgrounds
Country Farm Supply, David Bontrager
Custom-Made Windows & Kitchen Cabinets, Joe C. Yoder
Edgewater Golf Course/Lakeshore Resort
Fire Station
Flour Store, Bulk Foods & Lawn Furniture
Fontana County Park
Fontana Park
Fort Pentecost
Furniture, Alan Kaufman
Furniture, Chris Raber
Furniture Shop (1), Andy Raber
Furniture Shop (2), Henry Raber
Great Western Park
Green Acres Greenhouse & Produce, Aden Helmuth
Harlan Elementary School
Harness Shop, Andy Mast
Harness Shop, Perry Borntreger
Helmuth's Country Store (Quilts, woodworking, etc.)
Hickory Grove Golf Course
Homemade Baskets, David and Esther Yoder
Horse Shoeing and Training, William Deitweiler
Hub City Railroad Museum
Industrial Park
Jaspers RV
Lawn Furniture, Christy Herschberger
Levin Park
Machinery Part Shop, Rudy Gingerich
Maple Grove Baker/Produce, Mon-Sat, Vera Raber
Mercy Hospital of Franciscan Sisters
Middle School
Miller Country Store (Bulk Foods), Ben Miller
Miller's Custom Cabinets
National Guard Armory
Nylon Harness Shop, E.L. Helmuth
Oak Hill Furniture & Mini Barns, Norman Helmuth
Oakdale Cemetery
Oelwein Area Historical Society Museum
Oelwein Bicycle Trail
Oelwein Chamber & Area Development
Oelwein High School
Oelwein Municipal Airport
Parkside Elementary School
Pine Grove Store (Fabric, Red Wing Shoes), Sam Nisley
Platts Park
Police Department
Quilts, Neil Hershberger, Business Only
Red Gate Park
Reidy Park
Sacred Heart Elementary School
School Administration Offices
South Bend Bakery, Fri & Sat
Sports Complex
Sportsman Club
Swimming Facility
Williams Center
WingÕs Park
Wing's Park Elementary School
Woodlawn Cemetery
Yoder's Aprons & Custom Quilting, Amanda Yoder

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