Marshalltown, Iowa
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There's no place like home - a home in Marshalltown!

Marshalltown neighborhoods are places where you will find adults and children walking their pets, playing in nearby parks, enjoying a summer evening on the front porch, or simply chatting across the fence. A wide selection of housing is available to accommodate every need. Early on, residential development was concentrated in the northern part of the community, near the Iowa River. These neighborhoods highlight Marshalltown's grand, older homes, featuring Tudor, Victorian and traditional styles nestled among tree-lined streets.

Elegant executive homes overlook Marshalltown golf courses, offering private, wooded settings. In the southern part of the city, newer, contemporary homes are located in neighborhoods centered around elementary schools, parks and shopping centers. Townhomes, condominiums, apartments and retirement communities are available in a variety of styles, prices and settings. The community supports numerous Neighborhood Watch areas, and volunteers paint the homes of low-income elderly residents through the annual Paint-a-thon Program. Our parks, school playgrounds and recreational areas are clean and safe places where children and families can relax and have a great time. Many local families open their homes during the Christmas season for a holiday tour of homes. Iowa's lush growing season is on display when Marshalltown gardeners welcome visitors into their yards during seasonal garden tours. Marshalltown citizens take pride in our neighborhoods - and it shows!

Several Marshalltown homes attract visitors from near and far, illustrating the character of this unique community. A 12-level tree house on Shady Oaks Road exemplifies Marshalltown ingenuity. Built by a local boy in a sturdy maple tree at the Shady Oaks Campground on the original Lincoln Highway, the attraction features music, sound effects and gardens. The builder's efforts demonstrate the commitment of citizens to our community: the boy who crafted this 12-level tree house that is a Marshalltown landmark returned to the city and now serves as principal of one of our elementary schools.

The Willard Mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, demonstrates the entrepreneurialism that built Marshalltown into a strong, thriving community. LeRoy R. Willard, owner of the Marshall Oil Company, built the mansion in 1910. It is maintained today as an elaborate example of the Edwardian Georgian style of architecture. Offering a unique and historic atmosphere, the Willard Mansion is the perfect setting for wedding rehearsals, ceremonies, receptions, parties, meetings, retreats or any other special event.

The Binford House, also listed in the National Register of Historic Places, reminds Marshalltown residents and visitors of the community's dedication to public service. Marshalltown native Jessie Binford, born in 1876, was the daughter of a wealthy Quaker attorney. Binford enjoyed a comfortable childhood, and her family stressed concern for those less fortunate. While attending Marshalltown High School, Binford spent summers volunteering at Hull House in Chicago, a home founded by Jane Addams to serve underprivileged youth. Binford turned her volunteer efforts into a full-time vocation after college, leaving behind a well-charted legacy as a social advocate who worked to improve the lives of others.

Our legacy of welcoming neighborhoods continues to foster ingenuity, entrepreneurialism and service to others. With the combination of homebuilders, housing complexes and real estate companies, Marshalltown can satisfy everyone's housing needs. For special needs, Marshalltown has facilities that cater to the elderly and infirm. Whether an individual or couple requires independent living arrangements, assisted living or nursing home care, it is available in Marshalltown. Marshalltown is a great place to call home.