Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
Narrows, Virginia
1,213 ft.
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What types of links do we accept?

The CommunityLink Cloud contains travel, tourism, relocation, and general interest information for thousands of communities across the United States. We are primarily interested in quality links in the following categories:

What types of links are not accepted?

How can I improve my chances of having my link accepted?

The number one thing you can do, aside from ensuring that your link fits into one of the acceptable categories outlined above, is to ensure that your link submission is filled out completely and does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. The description in particular should accurately describe the site to a potential visitor in 255 characters or less. Often, websites have "About Us" or other site summary text that is appropriate for the description.

The URL should generally go to the top level of the website that you're sumbitting. Extremely long URLs are discouraged.

Keep in mind that we want your quality links! Don't stress about it too hard. :)

Will I receive notification when my link is accepted or rejected?

No. We receive a high volume of submissions, and you will not be contacted after submitting your link. Of course you can check back periodically to see if your link has been included in our directory.

What else should I know?

CommunityLink reserves the right to modify your link submission and reject or delete links at any time in our sole discretion.