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Story-Telling: building a compelling, narrative case, and sharing it with conviction.
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Tell Your Story

Promote stronger community through story-telling

Whether we think about it or not, community is all around us. Everyone lives in a place, but what we make of it with others becomes a community. We believe in the value of strong community, and in the narrative which reinforces it. That's why CommunityLink's stated purpose is to promote stronger community. We believe something special happens when a community reflects on its common purpose and captures examples of that purpose through its best stories. When people work together toward bettering their communities and sharing those success stories, great things happen. And that contributes not only to a better community, but to a better world.

How we do it

Compelling stories won't just tell themselves. Building a great organizational story requires a keen understanding of assets, strategic objectives, unique value propositions, and how it all combines in a meaningful, relevant way that your audience will not only understand but believe. A list of bullet-points on a website does not a story make, and a categorical presentation of resources or services, whether in print, online, or on a mobile device will not-by itself-move an audience to action. We begin with a thorough analysis of your organizational values, strengths and hidden attributes. The goal of which is to gather a clear understanding of the story-lines that will resonate with your audience. The messaging of many organizations of value can, over time, become a little tired. That's not an indictment; it's a nearly universal truth. The good news is, where underlying organizational strengths are in-place, the messaging can be refreshed and reinvigorated with expert story-telling. That's what we do.

The importance of format and distribution

Today's readers are as likely to consume their media on a smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device as they are to sit down with a printed magazine, newspaper, or book. In the coming years, this balance will continue to shift in favor of these digital media delivery systems. What began just a few years ago as a modest drip of early-adopter interest has grown into a torrent of mass adoption. The iPad, Kindle, Nook, and other tablet devices have put immediate access to wide-ranging media into the hands of hundreds of millions of readers and media consumers. This shift has not been lost on CommunityLink. Every printed publication we ship is now available in a digital version as well, so you may rest comfortable in the knowledge that your story is being shared by the many thousands of media consumers who will never experience the ink-on-paper version of your printed volume. But because we know many people still highly value the experience of reading from a printed volume, we continue to deliver the most beautifully designed and produced magazines, resource guides, directories and other printed resources. With CommunityLink, there is no need to compromise on format or distribution breadth; you can have it all.

We develop a compelling, reality-based storyline

To those in your neighborhood, actions speak louder than words. But you'd be surprised at how quickly people-even neighbors-forget. And so, we help our clients remind them about the important work they do and how it positively contributes to the community. And for people not familiar with the good work of our clients; well, we certainly want to give them the full picture.

Great stories always begin with interesting subjects. Your subjects may include spectacular educational outcomes, or a phenomenal healthcare system; an unusually robust downtown, or a vibrant community arts program. Maybe it's an innovative mentoring program, or an exciting entrepreneurial scene. Sometimes, the spirit of volunteerism approaches heroism when ordinary people do extraordinary things, and other times, the eyes of a child reveal the best stories of all. Your community is in possession of its own interesting subjects. The ingredients are there. But like a master chef, the master story-teller understands and connects these ingredients to an audience in uncommonly compelling ways. CommunityLink's well-crafted story-lines combine with well-written, well-produced, smartly distributed print, video, and online media-all the tools of modern storytellers-to capture and move your audience to action. That's the CommunityLink Difference.

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